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The history of England, during the reigns of the royal house of Stuart : wherein the errors of late histories are discover'd and corrected; with proper reflections, and several original letters from King Charles II, King James II, Oliver Cromwell, &c. As also the Lord Saville's famous forg'd letter of invitation, which brought the Scots into England in the year 1640, and gave occasion to the beginning of the civil wars. This letter being never before publish'd, led the earl of Clarendon, Bishop Burnet, Mr. Echard, Dr. Welwood, and other writers, into egregious mistakes upon this head. To all which is prefix'c, some account of the liberties taken with Clarendon's history before it came to the press, such liberties as make it doubtful, what part of it is Clarendon's, and what not. The whole collected from the most authentick memoirs, manuscript and printed

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